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Day 19 - Prayer and Fasting

God is always ready to hear our prayer. There are no rims or borders that can block the ears of God. Even time—that earthly reality through which we order and live our lives—has no jurisdiction over heaven. We know those rims and borders all too well in human life. We ‘do’ our lives by following the hands or digits on the clock. 

Scripture Focus: Read Psalm 55 
Key Verse: Psalm 55:17 

Journaling Guide: 
  • What has been blocking your ears? 
  • What has been your pain point in your relationship with Christ? 
  • What has blocked you from praying? Reading your word? Create a plan to help you stay on task once we finish the fast 

Prayer Focus: 
  • Pray over your journal entry for today. Ask God to increase your hunger and thirst for Him as we near the end of the fast. 
  • PRAY FOR OUR CHURCH: Expand Our Sowing Luke 6.38; Psalm 126.6; Mark 11.24
    • Whatever you need, give that so you may receive what you need in that area (Luke 6.38). 
    • Pray the Lord will lead our church to the next place He wants us to sow the gospel
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