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Day 18 - Prayer and Fasting

God loves us! Not only does God love us, but there is nothing - no event, thought, feeling, past trauma, or future fear, that could ever separate us from His love.
If no wrongs, worry, anxiety or doubt can stop God loving us, then why do we carry hearts full of fear, hoping that God doesn’t see? Or store away our doubts, fearing that God will dismiss us if we bring them to Him? Fearing God is afraid of our mess, our imperfections, our sins.
God is not scared of the mess, imperfections, or wrongs in our lives, whether intentionally made, or by accident. 
Sometimes we hide our failures in secret rooms, hoping that we can mask our shame, pain and disappointment. Thinking that if God saw our lives for what they truly are, His ‘unconditional love’ would be lost. 

Scripture Focus: Read Romans 8:31-39
Key Verse: Romans 8:38-39

Journaling Guide: 
  • SOAP the Key Verses 
  • Are you carrying around things in our hearts that we don’t want God to see? 
  • What fears or worries are you keeping to ourselves? 

Prayer Focus: 
  • Today, create space to bring all the mess to God in prayer, knowing that He will love us no matter what, and write down what He has to say in response. 
  • PRAY FOR OUR CHURCH: Expand Our Compassion Mark 6.34; Ephesians 4.32; Hebrews 10.24; Luke 10.25-37
    • As nothing can separate us from the love and compassion of God ask God to to gove you a heart of and love for people.
    • Pray that our church overflows with compassion and love for people, both lost and saved and do what is necessary to demonstrate it.
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