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Day 4 - Prayer and Fasting

Joshua had the people of Israel in a predicament. He was in the shadow of one of the greatest cities the world had yet to see. The walls of Jericho were said to be indestructible. Yet, following the prompting of God, he had the people of Israel standing outside this great city, and God told him, “See, I have given the city of Jericho into your hand."

Problem is... The walls were still standing, and Israel was still on the outside looking in. How could God have already given them this city?

Scripture Focus: Read Joshua 6:1-7
Key Verse: Joshua 6:2
Journaling Guide:
  • God may be trying to tell you something today, but does He have your attention? 
  • What is in front of you right now that seems impossible for you to do? 
God is with YOU, and the battle is won before it even starts!

Prayer Focus:
  • What is the Challenge of this verse for you today? 
  • How can you apply this to your life today? 
  • PRAY FOR OUR CHURCH: Expand Our Generosity Acts 4.32-37; 2 Corinthians 9.10-11
    • Pray that God will make you a good manager of your time, talent and treasures. Ask the Lord to reveal to you where he wants you to increase your generosity.
    • Pray the Lord raises up among us generous people to provide for the completion of our EXPAND project and future ministry opportunities. 
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