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Day 3 - Prayer and Fasting

The Principle of the book entitled, "The Circle Maker," implies that when We Change Our Prayers, We Change Our Life!” Prayer has proven over and over again to be as vital to the Christian life as breathing is to human life. Oftentimes we find in our prayers that God doesn't always change our situation, but He will definitely use it as a mechanism to change us.

Scripture Focus: Read 1 Kings 17:17-24
Key Verse: 1 Kings 17:20a

Journaling Guide:
  • How did Elijah pray in that situation? 
  • What can you learn from the boldness in which Elijah prayed to God? 
  • What miracle, dream, desire, prayer of petition have you been asking God for? 
  • In what ways will you change your prayers this year 

Prayer Focus:
  • Today, approach God boldly, not demanding, but with boldness and ask God to intercede in your situation like he did for Elijah. 
  • PRAY FOR OUR CHURCH: Expand Our Compassion Mark 6.34; Ephesians 4.32; Hebrews 10.24; Luke 10.25-37
    • Ask the Lord to increase your compassion for people so you may love them as Jesus would.
    • Pray that our church always has compassion for people, both lost and saved and do what is necessary to meet their needs.
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