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Day 2 - Prayer and Fasting

Luke 11 gives us the very familiar Lord’s Prayer. Most of us have heard this a time or two, and if you’ve played sports, you’ve probably said it out loud with your teammates. But what does it mean?

Scripture Focus: Read Luke 11:1-4
Key Verse: Luke 11:2a

Journaling Guide:
Write out your own prayer that you can refer to for encouragement when you aren't sure what to pray.

Prayer Focus:
  • Ask for the things you need
  • Forgive others  
  • Ask God to direct your day 
  • Thank Him and claim victory in your day for his honor 
  • PRAY FOR OUR CHURCH: Expand Our Prayer Life Jeremiah 33.3; Acts 2.42-43; Acts 4.31
    • Ask 5 people what you can pray about for them and seek out others to pray with during these 21 days
    • Pray that the power of the Holy Spirit will fill our church in answer to our prayers. 
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