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Information on 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting

MCC Family,

Thank you for participating with our church in 21 days of prayer and fasting, January 11th–February 1st, 2024. Below is information to help you choose a fast and how to pray for our church. Please download the MCC App to receive devotions and spiritual encouragement in addition to prayer guides during the 21 days.

Types of Fasts:
  • Selective Fast-Remove certain elements from your diet like meat, sweets, bread and consume water, juice, fruits and vegetables for food.
  • Partial Fast-Abstaining eating food in the morning and afternoon and eat a meal in the evening.
  • Complete Fast-Drink only liquids, typically water and juices.
  • Soul Fast-Stop using social media, watching television, speaking negatively, and avoid relationships/circumstances that cause you to stumble.

As you pray please pray for our church in the following areas:
  • Expand Our Territory-Ask to EXPAND the territory of our church and increase our reach with the Gospel.
  • Expand Our Faith-Ask the Lord to provide the $500,000 for the completion of our church’s EXPAND project.
  • Expand Our Sowing-Pray the Lord will lead our church to the next place to sow the gospel.
  • Expand Our Compassion-Pray that our church always has compassion for people, both lost and saved and do what is necessary to meet their needs.
  • Expand Our Prayer Life-Pray that the power of the Holy Spirit will fill our church in answer to our prayers.
  • Expand Our Generosity-Pray the Lord raises up among us generous people to provide for the completion of our EXPAND project and future ministry opportunities.
  • Expand Our Joy-Pray our church would be a spirit filled house of joyous worship and obedience.
  • Expand Our Forgiveness-Pray our church is always a forgiving, loving and restoring fellowship.
  • Expand Our Holiness-Ask the Lord to send a spirit of revival through our church.
  • Expand Our Vision-Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to our church leadership God’s open doors for ministry and evangelism, and give them the courage to overcome any obstacles that would hinder these opportunities for ministry.

Much Love,
Pastor Robert Stokes
Lead Pastor 
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