Vision of Growth

We here at Magnolia Cowboy Church are so thankful for our substantial growth amid all of the uncertainty and unrest in our country these days. It makes us realize more vividly how important it is that we focus on our future and where we are investing our resources. For most of us, it’s all about the legacy we are leaving for our kids and our grandkids. 

Which is precisely why Magnolia Cowboy Church has purchased in early February 2021 the 8.9 acres that are adjacent to our current campus. The property includes a 4,200 sq. ft. home, multiple barns and outbuildings suitable for multiple church ministry functions. The purchase of this property will provide significant additional opportunities for Christ to lead, guide and direct our community. 

In order to continue to make this vision a reality, we must raise the necessary funds to renovate and outfit the buildings for ministry. Our minimum fundraising goal is $250,000. The first $150,000 was used for the down payment on the property and the remaining funds raised will be allocated to required improvements to the house and outbuildings to return them to usable ministry space.

We do a lot of different things at Magnolia Cowboy Church - from helping folks in need of food, supporting local and International missionaries, local missions, providing an outlet for fellowship, to coming together to worship the Lord and learn about him each week. All of those things are guided by one core mission: 

To be a light in the community which allows us to reach more people and lead them to Christ.

If you fee led to contribute to our Growth Vision fund, click HERE.